Soviet Spies

When writing for years on the Soviet system or the Comintern it was hard to ignore Soviet espionage activities in Europe. I have dealt with the tragic fate of the Irishman Brian Goold Verschoyle, a radio-operator for the NKVD in Spain during the Civil War, in Left to the Wolves (see Published Work) and detailed Soviet spying in inter-war Austria in Kommunismus in Österreich, 1918-1938 (see Published Work). As regards Edith Tudor Hart née Suschitzky, the Austrian Communist who worked as a contact person or “enabler” (not a real “agent” in my view) for Soviet spy networks in England, I collaborated with the historian of photography Duncan Forbes and Edith’s relative, the writer Peter Stephan Jungk. For the text of my talk at Wien Museum on Edith, see Talks/Vorträge. I was also involved as an interview partner in Jungk’s stringent film portrait of Edith, his mother’s first cousin: Auf Ediths Spuren (on sale as DVD).