My Vienna University Lectures and Courses

I started teaching at Vienna University in 1999 and, with a short interruption, continue doing so. I was a temporary lecturer 1999-2010 and Senior Lecturer for Irish History and Contemporary History at Institut für Geschichte from 2011 to 2016 when I retired. In the early stages I could count on the support of Arthur Mettinger, Vice-Rector of Vienna University, the Irish Embassy, especially Frank Cogan as Ambassador, Culture Ireland (funding) and, then and later, of colleagues from my department such as Karl Vocelka, Andreas Schwarcz, Wolfgang Schmale and Andrea Griesebner. As I have my Habilitation degree, I am allowed to give courses or lectures past pension age. I also taught sporadically in the Celtology and English departments.

My areas of teaching:

  • Irish History, including contemporary and military history.
  • History of the British Empire
  • 20th Century Britain
  • The Life and Works of AJP Taylor
  • Civil Wars in 20thCentury Europe: Ireland, Austria, Spain, Greece
  • Historiography of War and Conquest (selection)
  • The Great Terror in the USSR, 1936-1938
  • Britain and global warfare, 1914-1918, 1939-1945
  • Live and death on the Western Front, 1914-1918
  • Historical excursions to Ireland (6) or Belgium (2)
  • Ireland: Selected works of fiction and drama in their historical context

You will find all my teaching units and their contents on the website of the University of Vienna (the list will be automatically updated each semester).